Standard Conditions of Hire

Croxton Village Hall is a Registered Charity (277569) and managed on a voluntary basis by the Management Committee. Income is used for the maintenance and operation of the Hall and to develop its facilities for the benefit of the local community.

The letting includes the use of all the facilities of the Hall, the bar and kitchen equipment and the rear patio. The playing field, children’s play area and the car park are for the use of the community and as such the Management Committee is unable to give permission for their sole use. Any person who uses the Hall must abide by the standard conditions of letting and must be at least 18 years of age.  

General conditions

1.     The Management Committee may refuse to accept any booking without giving a reason and for other than children’s parties will require a deposit of £50 in addition to the booking fee. This money will be refunded to the Hirer in full if the Hirer cancels the booking no less than 6 weeks before the date of hire or the Hall is left in a clean and presentable condition, that no damage has occurred to the fabric of the building or its fitments and that no unreasonable nuisance has been caused to villagers.

2.      In accordance with fire regulations the maximum capacity of the hall is 80 people seated and 100 standing. These numbers are not to be exceeded.

3.      The Hall in its entirety is a No Smoking area. The Hirer shall ensure that anyone wishing to smoke does so outside and disposes of cigarette ends, matches etc. in the wall container provided on the wall in the patio

4.       The Management Committee reserves the right to cancel the letting in the event of the Hall being required to support any Civil Contingency in which case the Hirer will be refunded any deposit paid.  In the event of the Hall being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired, the Committee shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever, other than the return of any deposit paid.

5.       Times of letting shall be agreed with the Letting Secretary at the time of booking and are to be adhered to. 

Use of the Hall

6.       The Hirer may not sub-let the Hall and is responsible for ensuring that all local authority byelaws and regulations are complied with.  The Hall works with Norfolk Constabulary sharing information on bookings in order to prevent crime and disorder and your booking may be reported to them.

7.      Individuals and informal groups who hire the Hall should abide by the Safe Activities For Everyone (SAFE) code of conduct and the Equal Opportunities Policy which are displayed in the main entrance

8.      If music is played it must be at a reasonable level so as to not cause annoyance to nearby residents and must cease by 11.30pm.  The doors and windows facing the front of the Hall must be kept shut and where practicable curtains are to be drawn to lessen the noise.

9.      All guests must have left by midnight and the Hall must be vacated by 12.30am and left in a clean and tidy condition unless prior agreement has been given to return the next morning. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that everyone leaves the Hall and car park quietly so as to not disturb any of the villagers.  No persons shall sleep overnight in the Hall, in cars in the car park and its surrounds or in the playing field.

Licensable activities

10.        The Licensing Act 2003 requires the Hirer to obtain a Temporary Event Notification (TEN), for the sale of alcohol at any function. Normally a TEN is not required for the provision of live or recorded music unless the Hirer intends to make a profit from it. It is the hirer’s responsibility to obtain a TEN application form from Breckland Council or their website.

If you are planning to carry out any licensable activity which requires a TEN, the Management Committee reserves the right to cancel the hiring or curtail the licensable activity if an authorised TEN cannot be produced on or before the planned event.

The Hirer is responsible for meeting the requirements of the TEN. The Management Committee does not accept responsibility for any breaches of conditions or activities arising from the TEN.

Car Parking

11.       There is limited car parking facilities outside the Hall and Hirers are asked to ensure maximum use is made of the space available. If it is necessary to park on the road, only use the Hall side of the road.

At the end of the hire

12.     All refuse and food must be removed from the premises. The Hirer is required to take away any rubbish, which will not fit into the refuse wheelie bin. Empty glass bottles should be placed in the bottle bank in the car park. However, after 9.00pm please leave your bottles by the side of the bottle bank.

13.     The hall is to be left in a clean and tidy condition and are to ensure that all lights are switched off and the place is secure.

Hire of Crockery and Cutlery

14.        If required, 60 place settings are available for hire at a cost of £25.00. For meetings, drinking utensils and side plates may be hired at a cost of £10.00. All items used must be washed, dried and put back in their cupboards. Breakages must be reported to the lettings secretary who will decide if an additional charge should be levied.

Lost Property

15.       The Committee does not accept any responsibility for any property left in the Hall or in any car parked in the car park. Any items found after the letting period will be held for approximately one month and after that date will be disposed of.


The above are the main points of the conditions of letting. The full document will be available in the village hall at the time of hiring. Hirers will be required to sign the document and in doing so will agree to abide by the terms of the document.